Phase Four, Community Outreach, Spring 2017

Stoever and her Spring 2017 students are currently undertaking Phase IV of the project, which challenges students to make presentations to diverse groups of Binghamton residents—at the Jewish Community Center, at retirement homes, at the Boys and Girls Club, the local NAACP chapter, at TechWorks, and more—to coordinate a “sound collection” project that enables a diverse sampling of Binghamton residents to share sounds that we may include in the final mixdown of the soundwalk. We do not want to presume to speak—or listen—for year-round residents and we really want to engage them as co-creators of the BHSP rather than solely as consultants. We will then compile the contributions as a digital archive to be housed in Binghamton University’s Special Collections and Open Repository, in addition to using them as source material for the sound installations that students will conceive and build in Spring 2018.