Phase Three: Historical Research, Spring 2016

Phase III of the project, undertaken in Spring 2016, involved Stoever’s students selecting historical events that would be relevant to represent along the Water Street route of the BHSP. Students worked extensively with Susan Sherwood, Director of Techworks Binghamton, to perform new archival research regarding the technological history of Binghamton. Students performed hands-on research with player pianos, IBM typewriters, Link Flight Simulators, Morse Code transmitters, and almost 100-year old real estate maps as they learned about critical historical events that have shaped this community and its shifting fortunes. For their final project, students developed “Aural Postcards” representing their historical events, and presenting them in class for invited campus guests and community residents. These projects—documenting such events as the development of the Bundy Time Clock, the Player Piano, and the Marconi wireless text transmissions—have been archived as part of Tech Works’ website; you may listen to them at under “Water Street Histories.”


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