Phase Two: Site Selection, Fall 2014

Phase II of the project, completed in Fall 2014 involved students in Stoever’s “How We Listen” course in selecting potential sites for the soundwalk. Stoever prepared the students in several ways: students worked with Special Collections librarian Yvonne Deligato to listen to and index a collection of oral histories of Binghamton residents from 1977; Stoever and the Studio for Southern California History Director Sharon Sekhon trained students to perform oral histories, ultimately collecting 20 that will be archived in Binghamton’s Special Collections along with becoming part of the soundwalk themselves; and students worked with Broome County Historical Society Director Gerald Smith to perform archival research. In teams of four, students created research dossiers that included field recordings and photographs.

Sites pitched at our open house included the old Opera building, the railroad building, Confluence park, the Ross Park Zoo, the Bundy House and Museum, and several sites along Water Street. In consultation with Daniel Santos, the team decided to focus the BHSP efforts on the Downtown area.


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